Running Store Cash Wrap Counter
 The challenge was in figuring out how to minimize waste material.
 Background: Inventive clamping measures were taken.  Foreground: The stained ADA portion of the counter before top coat.
 Ensuring the correct angle of each section was critical to ensuring the correct round shape.
 To further define the space, and to help draw the eye from afar, vertical elements are installed on one side stretching to the light pod that mirrors the shape of the table below.  
 Reclaimed lumber was used for both its beauty and eco-friendly aestetic.  
 The linear elements, which contrast with the round cash wrap, also allow for good visibility of the rest of the store (under construction) from the perspective of the cashier.
 The overall theme of drawing the visitor to the assistant at the counter was enhanced by the design decision to employ a sunburst pattern with the direction of the woodgrain.  (The rest of the store was under construction at the time of the photo.)
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